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2018 Schedule!

From the very first week, your understanding of God’s Word will be transformed!

Below is our list of first-year classes. Apply now.

You don’t want to miss it!

5-9 March, 2018 Bible Study Methods
12-16 March, 2018 Life of Christ
7-11 May, 2018 Simulizi (Narrations)
14-18 May, 2018 New Testament Survey
9-13 July, 2018 Preaching 1
16-20 July, 2018 Marriage and Family
17-21 Sept., 2018 Theology 1
24-28 Sept., 2018 Evangelism
12-16 Nov., 2018 Theology 2
19-23 Nov., 2018 Leadership

Join us in January2017

On 11 January 2016, Reach Tanzania will launch its fourth year of training pastors with the Certificate and Diploma in Pastoral Ministry.

Do you want to join us? Download an application and submit it soon…space is limited.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Are there weekend or evening courses?

Currently, our courses are Monday through Friday during the day. We are praying about how to start weekend and evening courses. Also, currently, our courses are not offered online.

If you would like to hear more about this, please contact us.

How do I Apply for the Diploma Program?

Reach Tanzania currently has two programs.

The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is a one-year program. Ten courses on a variety of subjects will help you to love God more deeply and serve Him more effectively. Each course is designed not to give you information, but for Life Change.

The Diploma in Pastoral Ministry is a two-year program. Twenty courses over two years will help you to be more deeply trained and equipped to train others. The first year of the Diploma is actually our Certificate Program, but with additional field assignments to be completed between terms. Upon completion of the Certificate, students will begin the second year courses.

To apply for the Diploma Program, fill out the Certificate Program application. You can make the decision to continue on for the second year, or just complete the first year, while you are studying.

What makes Reach Tanzania’s Certificate different?

There are different opportunities to receive pastoral training here in Tanzania. But Reach Tanzania’s Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is unlike other training programs.

What are some advantages of joining?

EXCELLENT TEACHING TEAM – Having a number of trainers, both Western and African, helps to give a broader learning experience than just having one or two teachers. And lead teachers, Mark and Alyssa Dunker and Gil and Amy Medina, are experienced teachers who have a passion for communicating God’s Word and helping you to do the same within your ministry context.

AFFORDABILITY – At only 25,000Tsh per class, that is just 250,000 Tsh for an intense 10-week program spread out over one year.

YOU CAN TRAIN OTHERS – This is one of the most valuable aspects of this training.  All Certificate materials (including student notes and teacher notes) will be available to students to take and use as they train other leaders. (Currently, the materials are just in English, but they will also be translated into Kiswahili for you to use as well.)  In other words, after you have completed your 10 classes, you can receive the same materials you just used so that you can train other leaders in your denomination, church, or ministry.  Why would Reach Tanzania just give away their training materials? Because it is their desire that every church leader in Tanzania has access to affordable, high-quality pastoral training.

Have you considered joining in January? This one-year or two-year program can have a far greater impact upon your ministry than you could imagine.

For more information, please click the Contact Us button and ask your questions.