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Reach Tanzania  gives you the opportunity to receive in-depth training that will help you to love God more deeply, understand Him more completely, and communicate Him more effectively.

What does the Program Look Like?

CertificateThe Diploma in Pastoral Ministry is a two-year program. Twenty courses are taught over two years. Each course takes just one week (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 2:45 PM) to complete, followed by field work which must be completed before the following term begins.

Reach Tanzania also offers a Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. The Certificate Program is the first year of the Diploma Program. You can choose whether or not to continue on to the second year after you have finished the first year.

Course Listing

Courses include:

  • Bible Study Methods—How to correctly interpret and apply the Bible
  • Life of ChristExamining the person, life, and teachings of Jesus
  • Chronological Narration (Simulizi); Evangelism—Communicating the story of the Bible
  • Preaching 1; Preaching 2 (Preaching from the Old Testament)—Effectively communicating God’s Word
  • Pastoral Leadership – Leading like Jesus
  • New Testament Survey; Old Testament Survey—Tracing the character and actions of God throughout the Bible
  • Theology 1; Theology 2—Examining key theological questions and issues for the African Church
  • Marriage and Family—A Biblical look at God’s design and purposes related to marriage, family, dating, sexuality, parenting, and other related issues.
  • Worldview–Learning how to evaluate our beliefs and ministry according to a biblical perspective.
  • Ministry to Youth and Children—Effectively reaching and discipling young people in your community.
  • Romans—An in-depth look at one of Paul’s most important letters.
  • The Church—Learning effective structures and leadership to bring health to individuals, the church, and the community.
  • Pastoral Counseling—A Biblical look at how to help individuals and couples to live healthy lives for God’s glory.
  • Capstone—Your final course brings together much of what you have learned in Bible Study, Theology, and Preaching, to enable you to be able to effectively study and teach from the entire Bible.

Teaching Team

RT TeamRev. Mark and Alyssa Dunker have lived in Tanzania more than 8 years. Both have their Masters of Divinity Degrees from Multnomah Biblical Seminary (USA).

Gil Medina has lived in Tanzania for more than 13 years. Gil received his MA Theology from Talbot Seminary (USA).

These teachers, along with others from around the world, provide excellent, relevant training.

Admissions / Cost / Location

This training is specifically designed for men and women currently active in leadership in a  local church or ministry.

The program is currently offered only in English. Therefore, an ability to speak, read, and write English is required. (Plans to launch the Certificate program in Swahili will come in future years.)

If you are unable to download the application from this page, please email or send a letter to Reach Tanzania, Training Director, PO Box 60745, Dar es Salaam to request an application.

Life at the RT CenterClasses are held at the Reach Tanzania Training Centre in Bahari Beach.

In 2018, the cost for each course is just 30,000Tsh for the week. For students wishing to stay in the Training Centre dormitory, there is an additional cost of 15,000Tsh per week.

We are now accepting applications.

Any further questions, please contact us at

Use the link at the top of the page to download the application. (This application should be used for applying for both the Certificate and the Diploma Programs.)